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An high-performance and open-source Ethernet interface for the Audine camera

The AudiNet interface greatly improves the performance of the Audine camera, a CCD camera for astronomy designed by a group of French amateur astronomers located in Toulouse, France. This improvement results from replacing the PC / Audine parallel link with an Ethernet PC / Audine link. The advantages are:

  • the loading time of images is shorter.
  • the connecting cable is longer.
  • you can directly connect the Audine camera to an Ethernet network and, why not, to Internet.
  • the PC remains available while images are loading.
  • you can use any operating system.

AudiNet is a solution based on a standard, off-the-shelf electronic component Picoweb and software programs that interface with the astronomy software AudeLA.


Short Description
AudiNet's Background

For severa years now, the Audine camera has been used in astronomy as a cost-effective electronic camera by the community of amateur astronomers around the world. The many users of Audine have contributed in improving this camera and AudiNet is one of these contributions. The AudiNet interface aims at optimizing image download from the camera to the computer.

Version 1.0 of AudiNet currently has the following features:

  • acquisition of an image with various binning values and dimensions
  • control of Audine's amplifier
  • control of a shutter
  • control of a telescope (LX200 protocol)

You do NOT need to modify your Audine camera to use the AudiNet interface.







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